The Gist of Jazz

When many people think of jazz, they hear a uniquely distinct sound. After-all, it is a genre that combines many different musical instruments and crosses several genres of  music. Jazz features several elements from: Ragtime, Blues, Spirituals, Classical, and Band Music all into one genre. Furthermore, Jazz eventually spread to create multiple sub genres of its own. Classical Jazz, Hot Jazz, Chicago Style, Swing, Kansas City Style, Gypsy Jazz, Bebop, Vocalese, Mainstream, Cool, Hot  Bop, and Bossa Nova. However, few understand the impact that jazz has had on the entire world of music.

The first origins of Jazz can be traced back to New Orleans, Louisiana in the late 1890s. One of the first pioneers of Jazz was cornetist Charles “Buddy” Bolden. His band is known for creating the big four,the first syncopated bass drum pattern to stray from the typical on-the-beat march. Another key pioneer in the creation of Jazz music is Jelly Roll Morton, a composer and arranger. With the publication of his “Jelly Roll Blues” in 1915, it became the first jazz arrangement in print. In 1917, the first jazz recording was released, a song called “Livery Stable Blues” by the Original Dixieland Jass Band.

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Some of the most influential jazz artists include : Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday. Duke Ellington was one of the main reasons for the growth of jazz. His orchestra toured Europe in the 1930s. Also, his charisma and personality was unseen in jazz music before him. Louis Armstrong is another figure who was seemingly bigger than his music. After single-handily shifting jazz from a collectively improvisation to solo performances, he appeared in over a dozen films. Armstrong was also a pioneer in the style of scat singing. Billie Holiday is often regarded as the greatest jazz vocalist of all-time. She’s also one of few female faces in the pioneering of jazz music.

Feel free to check out  a video of Duke Ellington’s “Take the A Train”:

Jazz is definitely a genre that has had a major influence on the world of music. Its influences can be attributed to creation of rock, r&b, and hip hop. Jazz music is very class personified and also smooth. You can listen to it in just about any setting. I listen to jazz mostly while doing homework. The mellowness of the music allows for me to enjoy the music, while still able to concentrate on my work. Some artists that I listen to are Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. I hope that you all learned something new and the genre of jazz. I also encourage you to listen to some jazz music in your spare time.

Here is a link to popular Miles Davis song “So What” :

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